Advanced Propulsion Technology Design MK2

APTD MK 2 enjoys significant upgrades from the original US Navy design, (APTD MK1) produced for the US Navy’s Special Warfare Div, Carderock Maryland:



*Increased turbo-diesel power Electronic Controls coupled with Integral Engine Synchronization, Programmable Digital Instrumentation and Multifunction audio/visual alarms for key engine and turbo malfunctions.

*New centralized Field Service Compartments, allow filter changes underway for all primary fuel filters and raw water strainers, without engine shutdowns.

*Simplified drive system, with NO U-joints, Cardan Shafts or Thrust Bearings; Single prop shafts facilitate quick changes with Kobel Friction-Free Strut Bearings.

*Low-drain LED USCG Approved lighting + all main DC systems now are 12 Volt.

*The Radar, Radio, Navigation instrumentation, night vision systems and all Hydraulics are “off the shelf” with standard brands like Furuno and ICOM, RACOR, Optima, Teleflex, Yanmar and ZF etc. being utilized throughout.

Picture2*Added Crew conveniences include a Thetford Head & sanitary system, potable water, battery shore-charging system, redesign of all console seats and bolsters and grabrails, optional demountable hard-top and full-boat or console covers.

*Shore charging system accepts AC inputs from 90 to 250 volts, either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

*Redesigned Hydraulic Rocker Plates (Trim tabs) give fingertip operator control with a new model ZF water-cooled Hydraulic-Shift Transmission driving the 6-bladed surface piercing dynamic-balanced propellers of the POWERVENT DRIVE system. Absolute control at all speeds, ahead and in reverse is available.

*Moderate and slow speed maneuverability far exceeds that of any jet drives.

*Multi-use passenger and/or cargo area is greatly enhanced with removable seat bolsters in the passenger area increasing re-supply or mixed-mission capability.  Shock mitigating seats available.

*Optional four point lifting assy and harness enables either single point crane or two point davit lifts. Single point crane hoist can be done either on or off trailer. Trailer allows changeable hitches, either Military Lunette or ball hitches.